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Every year, over 250,000 international students choose Canada as a destination for their studies. Canada has one of the best academic standards in the world. This high academic standard makes the Canadian educational system highly sort after by everyone around the world. Canada is also a bilingual country which offers everyone the opportunity to improve your fluency and capacity for either English and/or French as they further your studies.

Elementary and Secondary Education

Every year many parents send their children to study in Canada at an early age. Canada Visa Group play a vital role in helping youthis endeavour for your children. We select a learning institution of your choice, help get your child admitted in this institution and we also help provide the adequate boarding and counselling services required of your child to succeed in Canada.


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College/University Education

At Canada Visa Group, Our experienced counselors will help you from beginning to end of your registration procedure. They will do their best to assist you with the process of applying to the College or University of your choice. In addition they will be able to help the student to prepare all the necessary supporting documents.
Remember, your goal is our goal!


  • Letter of acceptance from the designated school
  • Proof of financial support to cover your stay in Canada
  • Medical insurance
Homestay/Airport Pickup

Your living arrangement is an essential component of your overseas studying experience. Through our proven family selection process, we offer wide range of accommodation services to suit your need

Other Student Services

– Scholarships for International Students
– Visa Extensions
– Tutor Arrangement

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